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Glass fuses have a low breaking capacity. It's easy to see when they're blown: the glass will be discolored and the filament broken. Replace yours today!

Ceramic fuses are high or low breaking capacity and can be used in many applications. Ceramic color can vary from a very light beige to dark gray.

Mersen OT100


Mersen OT Series Series

Ferraz Shawmut is Mersen. Mersen OT One-Time general purpose fuses provide low cost protection for feeder and branch-circuits serving lighting, heating, and other non-motor loads. OT fuses will safely interrupt available short-circuit currents up to 50,000 amperes in all ratings.

Product specifications

Ampere 100 A
Voltage rating 250 Vac, 250 Vdc
Interrupt rating 50 kA
Speed Fast-Acting
Class Class K5
Shape Cartridge Blade Fuses
Approvals UL, CSA, RoHS
Substitute parts Bussmann NON, Littelfuse NLN
Datasheet Mersen OT Datasheet
Dimensions 1.06" Dia x 5.88" L (26.92x149.35mm)
Item weight 4.16 oz


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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